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Cosmic Dancing – A Modern Approach to Yoga

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The idea of this program is to provide you with context knowledge that will enable you to better understand yourself as human being, and start utilizing the practice of Yoga in the manner it is originally intended. 

Understanding the practices of Yoga on a deeper level, we need to first understand how we work as human beings, or better how our minds and bodies, together, create the reality we perceive to be real as we are interacting with the outside world. 

We further need to understand how the interaction with life impacts the bio-physiological processes that draw the painting of our perceived reality. Once we gain this understanding about ourselves, many of the concepts and terms, as well as philosophy, presented in the many different yoga traditions, become more within the context of human perception, providing you with whole new idea of Yoga and how you apply the practices offered by Yoga in your daily life. 

So in other words, one of the objectives of this program is to examine the commonly known concepts and terms of Yoga within the context of human perception mechanics, which will give you a new perspective on what Yoga is actually about where we are going when embarking on the path of Yoga, and what the practice is actually designed to do for you. 

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